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About Surrender


Surrender Co. / Jesus in the margins

WE ARE A COLLECTIVE OF diverse people living the radical call of Jesus amongst the margins in ways that are relevant, connected and transformative.



Surrender’s primary purpose is to motivate emerging generations across the wider church to move from interest to action by becoming personally involved in expressions of Christ’s call to the least, the last and the lost.

Additionally, Surrender affirms, encourages and inspires those already committed to incarnational mission and justice and recognizes their crucial role in raising up the next generation.

At the core of Surrender is the relationship with and involvement of the Indigenous Australian people of this land.



  • Surrender Co values a deep expression of Christ centered discipleship that has a strong biblical basis, moving people to live in the Kingdom story as they hear and understand the good news.

  • Surrender Co values those on the margins, and recognizes Jesus’ call to the least and the lost as central to the coming of His upside down kingdom in our world.

  • Surrender Co values encouraging a faith and life of incarnational mission, seeing people walk alongside their neighbors in a personal and relational way. We seek to provide pathways to action both locally and globally that are accessible to individuals and church communities.

  • Surrender Co values authenticity, and the expression of a deep and raw honesty as people share their stories.

  • Surrender Co values innovation and creativity, and always seeks to be relevant as it is faithful to being a prophetic voice to the wider church and society.

  • Surrender Co values inclusivity, hospitality, and diversity as it recognizes that true community is built as people are invited into reconciled relationships.

Surrender Covenant

Surrender Co is committed to the call for followers of Jesus to "make every effort to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace" (Ephesians 4:3). We recognize that as we seek to curate and engage in gathering’s that span a diversity of cultures, denominations, ages, genders, beliefs, and experiences and as such there is always the potential for tensions and disagreement.

Surrender Co hosts and creates safe spaces to discuss challenging and sometimes painful issues. We seek to keep Jesus at the centre of our conversations with us, so we leave in peace, hope and unity even as we are challenged. We do this because we share a common belief in a risen Christ and the hope of justice, beauty, and wholeness through him!

Therefore, as individual members and as the body of Christ, before God, we commit that we will:

  • Acknowledge together that disagreement and conflict are normal parts of our lives in Christian community and in themselves are not sinful. Romans 14:1-8, 10-12, 17-19.

  • In the spirit of humility reflect on our own possible contributions to the tension, we will be prepared to go to each other in gentleness and patience. Galatians 6:1-5

  • Be quick to listen and clarify our understanding of what is shared before responding. James 1:19; Proverbs 18:13

  • Be willing to apologise and to forgive. Be prepared to acknowledge our behaviour and offer an apology, seeking forgiveness in situations where we have hurt another. We will be prepared to offer forgiveness where a genuine apology and request for forgiveness is made to us. Colossians 3:13

  • Be steadfast in love. Be firm in our commitment to seek a mutual solution; be committed in holding to our common foundation in Christ. Colossians 3:12-15.

  • Be the Body of Christ. Believe in and rely on the solidarity of the Body of Christ and its commitment to peace and justice.


SURRENDER conferences

Surrender Co holds two main conferences. One in Melbourne and one in Adelaide. The conferences are unique in Australia, focusing on social justice, radical discipleship and incarnational mission. The conferences hosted by a number of missional communities and organisations working amongst the poor and marginalised, and run in relationship with Indigenous Australians. The conferences run for three days with more than 1200 people, consisting of main sessions, Bible studies, workshops, music, conversations and great food.

The Neighbourhood Collective

The Neighbourhood Collective is a shared space for individuals and groups who are seeking to be faithfully present in their neighbourhoods, committing to love and walk alongside their neighbours. Be encouraged and equipped as you find and learn from others on the map, and support the movement by sharing your own story. Connect your neighbourhood in!

Your group could be a bunch of friends, a missional community, or a local church expression. It could even just be yourself and this space could enable you to connect with others in your local area in a way that enables you to work together for the good of your place.

SURRENDER COLLABORATIVE (forums, gatherings)

Surrender Co brings together over 50 organisations who partner together in raising up the next generation of Christians to live the radical call of Jesus amongst the margins. We hold various gatherings such as:

Truth Labs: are one-off nights where young adults can research and discover what it means to follow Jesus in a hurting world. Truth Labs are about discovering an alternative to living for yourself, about making a real and lasting difference in a world desperate for good news!

CEO Forums: CEO from partner organisations come together on a quarterly basis to encourage each other, share stories, and pray for one another.

Partner and Leadership Gatherings: are an opportunity to meet together, network and share in the vision of Surrender

Engine Room Emerging Leaders Training: is an opportunity to take part in leadership and skill development for those working in vulnerable communities.

Surrender Content (media, stories, resources)

The Surrender Co network brings together many stories, and opportunities for learning and taking action. We capture these stories and opportunities through our blog, podcasts, and the Surrender toolkit.


Charlene Delos Santos, Director

Ben Chong, Leadership Coach

Sam Hearn, Neighbourhood Collective Coordinator

Cyrus Kung, Surrender Adelaide Church Engagement

Joanne Shan & Nick Wight, Indigenous Engagement


Mark Watt, Board Chair, Co-founder & Development Director, Whitelion

Darryl Gardiner, Deputy Chair, Anglican Priest

Charlene Delos Santos, Director, SURRENDER Co.

Julian Dunham, Managing Director of Arrow Leadership International

Stacey Wilson, Director at Intergen

Heather Cetrangolo, Chaplain at Trinity College

Scott Hawkins, Pastor at UrbanLife

Joanna Hubbard, Community Development Worker at BaptistCare SA

Annual Report

Please click below for the SURRENDER annual report

2018 Annual Report