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Adelaide 16: Your Next Steps


Adelaide 16: Your Next Steps

Marcel McCarthy

We had an amazing time together at SURRENDER Adelaide, want to know what the next steps are to actively engage your community? Our SURRENDER Adelaide Hosting Organisations make some great suggestions to do so. 


Dip Toe: Support Aboriginal people to stand against Nuclear waste facilities on their land, by:

  • Signing a petition : or joining the campaign at
  • Becoming more informed on Nuclear waste, such as at, or see Denise Champion speak on Vimeo at , or see the government website at
  • Attending the National Day of Action on October 15 at 11am on steps of Parliament House, see

Waist Deep: Visit an Aboriginal church in SA, either:

  • The Berean church at Queenstown at 6.30 on a Sunday night
  • The church at Raukkan
  • A Congress (UAICC) church either at Salisbury, Kalparrin (near Murray Bridge), Port Augusta or Oodnadatta

Dive In: Participate in an Aboriginal Spirituality Pilgrimage, like:

  • The Kaurna Walking Tour of Adelaide
  • An Adnyamathanha pilgrimage to the Flinders Ranges
  • Camp with the Adnyamathanha on their country, October 7 – 9, 2016, Ngarpala Yarta - Come Here to Our Country
  •  An Easter or April pilgrimage to Oodnadatta

Churches of Christ SA

Dip Toe: Tune in through the COC SA app and engage with some resources

Waist Deep: consider a discipleship pathway. Visit some of our sites living neighbourhood transformation.

Dive In: Consider neighbourhood transformation as a vocational call to ministry with us. Contact us to find out more

TEAR Australia

Dip Toe: Prayer at TEAR

Join with us in prayer as we come before God, bringing the needs of the poor, our overseas partners and our friends and colleagues in Australia. Unite with us through our Weekly prayer points. Get monthly prayer updates when you receive TEAR Update and go deeper in prayer by connecting with our Prayers for Projects or Advocacy issues. If you are praying with us, or if you’d like more information about any of the prayer items here, please contact us.

Waist Deep: TEAR Ambassadors

Ambassadors seek to lead lives that proclaim a different vision of tomorrow moving beyond charity to a life committed to justice, Ambassadors:  Commit to standing alongside communities experiencing ongoing poverty and disadvantage. Tell schools, workplaces, churches and friends. Give, live, learn, advocate and pray that God’s will may be done on earth as it is in heaven and Hope. Although we live today in a broken world, we hope for the day when God’s Kingdom will come in all its fullness. In turn, TEAR commits to walking with Ambassadors on this journey and will be in regular contact to support them with resources, training and suggest actions that they can take. -

Dive In:  Development Education Experience Programs

IN - DEEP  – TEAR’s agship Overseas Exposure Opportunity, has shaped the lives of hundreds of young Aus- tralians for more than 25 years. This is 7 weeks in India, learning from Indian Theologians and Development workers and seeing rst-hand how Christians in the Majority World are meeting the challenges of injustice and need in their own communities. Working for “the Kingdom of Heaven on earth”, you will hear their stories and experience what it truly means to bring Jesus’ good news to the poor. - Find Out More.


Dip Toe: Prayer

The Salvation Army has several initiatives that encourages Christians to engage in prayer for and with the marginalised of our world. More here.

Dive In: Volunteer

Since its beginnings, The Salvation Army has been a means through which many volunteers can be involved in community work. Volunteering with the Salvos will make you a partner with us in our community service programs, which last year assisted more than one million Australians. With your help, we will continue to be there for those in crisis. More here.