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How to use what’s in your hands to fulfil your calling

Liana Pantalone

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Liana Pantalone, Communications Officer at CBM Australia, reflects on using what is literally in your hands to fulfil your God-given calling.

So there I was, in a remote part of the Philippines watching a person’s life change before my eyes.

Children and adults from some of the poorest communities, were lined up ready to receive cataract surgery that would literally restore their sight.

It was Miracles Day, a special day where Australians join to give the Miracle of sight-saving surgery for those living in poverty... And here I was witnessing this transformative change right before my eyes.

When you feel like you have little to offer

I have to admit, standing about a metre away watching the doctor’s skilful hands restore sight in just 12 minutes, the feeling of being a spectator became uncomfortable.

I could hear the woman speaking, and the doctor translated her words to me, smiling “She says she can see!”

Wow. All of me in that moment was regretting my career choice… why hadn’t I chosen to pursue something that could literally transform someone’s life so tangibly.

I’d like to think of it as a humble jealousy of the impact that this one doctor was able to make in minutes.

Identifying what you hold

There I was taking photos on my phone, the one thing I had in my hands to share the impact of Miracles Day. It was in that moment my mind remembered the beautiful hearts of Australians, many of whom were donating these amazing miracles from back home.

With a few clicks on their phone, these people were using what they had in their hands to donate to a mission where all people can live to their fullest potential.

They were participating in the work of the Lord’s heart, to spread hope and restore life.

These people, perhaps like you… may have never met the lady with poor sight, or the little boy who had never seen his mother’s face.

Yet, back in Australia amongst their busy schedules, men and women everywhere were making a quick call to donate a miracle and bring justice to someone in need.

It was in this moment I was reminded, that our actions, no matter how small, aren’t just significant…but necessary.

With every donation made, people’s actions were advocating for the worth of those living in poverty with disability. People, who some might call ‘the least, the last and the lost’.

Using the little you do have

With every photo I captured, I began to ask… What more can I do?

Mark 12:41-44, is an encouraging passage from the bible about The Widow’s Offering.

People all around her were throwing in large amounts of money into the temple treasury. In that moment, it would have been so easy for her to look at the two coins in her hand and render them useless, insignificant or not valuable enough.

But she chose to participate with all she could offer.

I wonder how many of us look at our own passions, skills, gifts and abilities and render them… not ‘good enough’.

Yet, here Jesus’ response was profound; “Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others…”

Be willing to participate

With a passion to write and communicate, I knew that this is what I could offer. I took to the CBM Facebook page with live videos and photos from the field. Since then I have written blogs and shared with anyone who will listen about the wonderful things that happen on Miracles Day when people choose to give.

If you are looking for a way to make a difference in the lives of those who are often unreached and provide them with a sight-saving surgery, you don’t need much.

Every person holds something that is powerful to make a difference in this world.

Whether giving a gift, spreading the word or performing the surgery, we are all called to use whatever it is that’s been placed in our hands to fulfil his purpose for us in reaching the least, the last and the lost.

You can give a miracle by calling 1800 678 069 or learn more at